About us

Ivy Development Agency, LLC is an administrative management and general management consulting service and specialty construction firm, formed in October of 2006 by Erik C. Johnson. Prior to the launch of this business, Mr. Johnson founded a specialty construction company in 1994 that became one of the largest minority owned specialty firms in the state of Ohio.

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We provide consultation and services that focuses on the improvement of personal lives, churches, small businesses and construction projects. “Our philosophy is that people, churches and businesses can make change for the better and everyone regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, age or military status should have an equal opportunity to succeed.”

Ivy Development Agency, LLC and our associate network understand the challenges that face individuals, entrepreneurs, pastors and organizations. “We have experienced adversity and gained much valuable knowledge from our many experiences. This knowledge is something we are willing to share with you.”

Contact us today and attain the knowledge to propel you, your business, church or project to the next level.