Personal Development

Ivy Development Agency, LLC is dedicated to the personal development of adolescents and adults so that their quality of life can be increased. It is our mission to provide solutions by way of consultation, seminars, workshops and self help audio books that disseminate accurate and proven information as well as provide examples of successful techniques that will produce healthy, productive, educated adolescents and adults with a proper understanding of self esteem and a positive view toward civic responsibility by understanding society’s requirements in the areas of government, economics and etiquette.

Business Development

In today’s economy it’s very difficult for small businesses and churches to manage the balance of providing high quality services and goods and secure highly motivated, effective and professional people to help provide those goods and services. The cost associated with securing someone with they right qualifications and experience on a full time bases is often more than the small business or church can afford. If this is a challenge that you are facing, we have a solution for you.

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Ivy Development Agency, LLC provides small business and church management consultation and staff augmentation services designed to help enhance your operation for a fraction of the cost of a full time employee.

 As part of our small business and church management consulting and staff augmentation services, we can provide you an experienced professional, knowledgeable about products and services, finances, marketing, and operations. We also recognize the unique challenge of providing ministry and managing the operations of a church.

 If you are trying to figure out how to move your small business or church to the next level, contact us today and receive a free management analysis.

Construction/Real Estate Development

Ivy Development Agency, LLC has more than two decades of construction and real estate renovation and rehabilitation expertise. Our Real Estate development activities focus on construction projects. We furnish and install concrete reinforcing steel, develop and oversee diversity/community inclusion programs and manage construction contracts for owners and subcontractors. We target projects planned by private organizations and federal, state and local government agencies and universities. We are certified as a Minority Business Enterprise and a Disadvantage Business Enterprise by the Ohio Department of Administrative Services, Ohio Department of Transportation, City of Toledo and The Ohio Turnpike Commission.